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There's a bunch )

Edit! I forgot one!

2011.08.21 #Tahrir

[23:03:23] <karl_fungus> are they still running over gaddafi rug
[23:08:13] <warcabbit> If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.
[23:08:42] <warcabbit> Not what Orwell had in mind, no?

Sorry about the lack of backstory, I tried finding a news article or something but can't locate it :(
The Time: This past week.

The Place: The local historical society that my mom works at.

The Haps: KITTEN.

A week ago, my parents were hanging out at the historical society preparing for its big show of the year, when...

A kitten walked in.

A tiny little black/brown kitten who was most definitely starving. And not in the "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse" way, but the "going to die soon" way.

So they got kitten chow and gave him a little (and also a water bowl).
They've been going there every day since, to put out more food, refill the water, pet him, that sorta thing.

He bounced back quickly! On the 14th, my dad and I needed to do some construction there and he was very playful!

Today (that is, the 15th), he had a vet appointment (with our favorite vet, too!). Got dewormed, flea stuff, and shots! The vet said he was four and a half months old, which was surprising because he's so little. But then, as she said, he was severely malnourished. He's brown-colored, which (as both the vet and my friend Hazel said) is due to the worms taking his food away from him.

So currently! He's sequestered in the guest bedroom. Our cats, Raven and Rhino, aren't allowed in. But get this: Rhino doesn't care at all (but it's possibly in the sense of "I DON'T CARE, LA LA LA" -- typically she can't abide a closed door), and Raven's curious, but neither are bothered at all. This is great <D

I don't have photos yet. I'll do that.. um, sometime <D
And this is where my momentum died ;_; (This is the last of my backlog :V)

Lavender to Celadon )

When'd Inksome go down? :o
It returns, after a very long time!

Routes )

My stats: $61,072; 13:18 playtime; three badges.

• Yi (Wartortle), Lv25
• Leideën (Nidoqueen), Lv26
• Fanchi (Pidgeotto), Lv25
• Sz (Butterfree), Lv25
• Lyou (Sandslash), Lv25
• WEEPINBELL (Weepinbell), Lv28

• Bandao (Geodude)
• Digelei (Diglett)
• Miaosi (Meowth)
• Shrër (Spearow #2)
• Shrsan (Geodude #2)
• Shryi (Sandshrew #2)

Shrpi (Spearow), Lv17
Late because I forgot how busy Vermillion is. =B

Vermillion City )

My stats: $37,611; 10:48 playtime; three badges!

• Yi (Wartortle), Lv23
• Leideën (Nidoqueen), Lv24
• Sz (Butterfree), Lv23
• Bandao (Geodude), Lv23
• Lyou (Sandslash), Lv23
• (Weepinbell), Lv21

• Fanchi (Pidgeotto)
• Miaosi (Meowth)
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

A little later than usual 'cause there was so much grinding I had to do...

It's a Sandshrew! Yay!! (Battle text: 4 used )

Sandshrew! <3 <3 <3

Cerulean City )

My stats: $17915 moneys (holy crap!), 8:31 time spent, two badges!

The team thus far:
• Yi (Wartortle), Lv21
• Leideën (Nidorina), Lv20
• Fanchi (Pidgeotto), Lv20
• Sz (Butterfree), Lv22
• Bandao (Geodude), Lv21
• Lyou (Sandshrew), Lv20

I converted the nameless into numbers, and the numbers into Mandarin pronunciation (Yale romanization). So that's why everyone has nicknames suddenly!
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

I have a serious lack of Pokémon icons.

Mt. Moon )
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

Well, Twibs at #pokegoons doesn't think Route 2 counts as two separate areas (regardless of the giant forest), so I guess Leita can't be used... :I

Update 2: Brock's Gym )

My stats: $1781 moneys, 2:41 time spent. One badge!

• 1 (Squirtle), Lv15
• Leideën (NidoranF), Lv10
• Fanchi (Pidgey), Lv10
• 4 (Butterfree), Lv12
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

HEY WHAT I'm trying this again! This time with a Blue rom! This one lets me catch Pokémon! 8D

Once again I apologize in advance for probably terrible chinese transcription.

Nuzlocke Rules For This Run
• If a Pokémon faints, you must release it as soon as possible.
• If all your Pokémon faint, that's game over.
• You must nickname every Pokémon you catch. (Um...)
• You may only attempt to capture the first Pokémon you encounter in each area, route, cave, city, etc. If you don't catch it, tough shit.

Update 1: Pallet to Pewter )

Team time:

My stats: money $1075, playtime 1:36, no badges

• 1 (Squirtle), Lv10
• Leideën (NidoranF), Lv9
• Fanchi (Pidgey), Lv9
• 4 (Metapod), Lv9
• Leita (Rattata), Lv3
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

Hey, I'm back!

Pokémon! Chinese Version!

Pichiong, go! )
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

Twibs in #Pokegoons started a Nuzlocke run in Gen3, and I've been wanting to start one of my own for a while. I asked the channel which game I should play (excluding Gen4/5 because they're not wholly emulator-compatable). Twibs said Yellow, and wanting something interesting, I dug up a traditional Chinese copy.

I apologize in advance for what will probably be terrible chinese transcription! The post will also contain a smattering of hanzi.

Update 1 )

Will there be a Part 2?! I felt a sudden desire to do this in LP-style, so I wrote this post... We'll see if I can remember :o Maybe this will be my next project once I complete this NaNo! (*crosses fingers*)

(Part 2)
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This has been kicking around the 'temp' folder for months, awaiting posting. TIME TO GET IT OUT

"The Two Magna Cartas
"What, to you, makes a good novel?
"It's an excruciatingly broad question, but give it a shot. And feel free to be as vague or as nerdily detailed as you like; this list can include anything from ultra-short chapters to ribald sex scenes to massive infusions of ill-tempered elves. Anything that floats your fictional boat should go on the list.

"My list, to help give you some ideas, looks like this:
• first-person narration
• quirky characters
• true love
• found objects
• disappointment
• music
• catharsis
• feisty old people
• strong, charismatic protagonists
• improbable romances
• smart but unpretentious writing
• urban settings
• cliffhanger chapter endings
• characters who are at turning points in their lives
• books set in the workplace
• happy endings

"[...] the things that you appreciate as a reader are also the things you'll likely excel at as a writer. These bits of language, color, and technique, for whatever reason, make sense to your creative brain. These are the Things You Understand."
-- Chris Baty, "No Plot? No Problem!"

Magna Carta I )

Most used elements in the chosen favored works? )

Magna Carta II )
I'm playing with the Magic Set Editor, which is lots of fun :D

Also! testing crossposting. :O
*waves to Inksome from Dreamwidth*
*waves to Dreamwidth from Inksome* 8D
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Er, first post? :D

I HAS AN ICON it took so long to decide what to upload that I just picked this. |3