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Chinese Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke Part 4!

ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

A little later than usual 'cause there was so much grinding I had to do...

It's a Sandshrew! Yay!! (Battle text: 4 used )

Sandshrew! <3 <3 <3

Through a brilliant (though very slow) strategy, I successfully capture the Sandshrew! Hooray poisonpowder. (Wow that attack text is looking a little... minimalistic.)

Item Menu: Gonna use this Antidote

The very important step of healing it before the poison kills it.

6's stats: Level 8, HP 26, attack 17, defense 20, speed 13, special 12 6's attacks: Just Scratch.

Okay, here's her stats.

Now I have to decide how I'm going to defeat Misty. She's easily the most difficult gym leader, and I don't have anything strong against water-types. I can hope to catch a Bellsprout to the north, but I still have to defeat 2337.

A level 15 rattata means Hyper Fang; Bandao survived brilliantly versus that Rocket raticate, but he'll be leading against the level 18 pidgey, too.
I'll have Butterfree go against Bulbasaur; I have nothing anti-Grass, but I do have anti-Poison!
And abra is an abra, anything can take it.

So I'll level Bandao and Butterfree to 20, get Sandshrew up to a good level, and get to the fighting.

My party: Bandao Lv20, 4 Lv20, 1 Lv17, Fanchi Lv17, Leideën Lv17, 6 Lv13


My stats: $4671, time spent 6:17, still one badge.

And one of these since I haven't done one in a while

Game: 2337 wants to fight!

Here we go!

Battle: Bandao versus Pidgeotto

That is not a pidgey, why did you lie to me, walkthrough

Battle: Wow, Bandao took... 3 damage from that attack.

...Oh. Right. I keep forgetting how absurd Bandao's defense is.

Battle: And then Bandao won without any further damage taken.

One Rock Throw and Tackle later...

Battle: 6 versus Abra

Free EXP for Sandshrew...

Battle: Bandao used Rock Throw (on Rattata)

Woooo OHKO

Battle: 4 versus Bulbasaur. It's super effective! (Bulbasaur's HP is at 1/5)

holy crap that certainly IS super effective (that was just one Confusion)

The only damage taken in that fight was 3 HP from Bandao. @_@

Now for the rest of Nugget Bridge.

Battle: Foe Mankey got 1 down to 11/54 HP... But we still won.

Phew, that was close.

Time to claim my prize for winning!

Game: 7664 obtained key[item] 39 Nugget.

There's that mysterious 39 again

Guy: So, wanna join Team Rocket~

hey wait a minute
no one told me this was a recruitment drive >:|

Battle: Me with six Pokémon versus Rocket with two Pokémon. Battle: Rocket defeated.

I don't think anyone didn't expect this result

I grab TM 45 (Thunder Wave) and avoid the grass for now (as well as the Bug Catcher on the west side of the bridge. I don't think I'll do the Mew glitch, but just in case I'll leave him alone).

Battle: Bandao learned .

Lv21, why are you so bad to me >:| Bandao learns a move I must make sure to never use by accident, Selfdestruct.

While back for healings, I sell off the Nugget and don't buy more stuff. I think I'm well-off right now (9 potions, 7 PokéBalls).

I snag TM 14 (Seismic Toss).

...You know what, geodudes can learn it. It's not all that useful a technique, but it won't kill my Pokémon either.

Game: Bandao learned Seismic Toss.

I feel much safer now.

Game: ? Fanchi stopped evolving!

I halt Fanchi's evolution -- I'm going to wait until after he learns Whirlwind (a move that is normally useless but will probably be helpful in the way of nuzlocking).

Bill's house: I seem to be talking to a talking Pokémon.

Oh, well, that's not normal.

I help Bill the computer guy fix his.. problem. He gives me an item with a glitchy name. (It's the SS Ticket)

Cerulean City: This house was burgled and I couldn't get in. But now...

The cop moved!

But the culprit was just hanging out in the back yard...

Ineffective Burglars, Inc.
(also: Ineffective Cops, Inc.)

Battle: 1 versus Drowzee. 1's asleep! D:

son of a dickbutt

(fun fact: this is screenshot #151)

Battle: 4 versus Drowzee!

eat poison, mofo

Game: 7664 vast obtained key[item] 28! You don't say, game.

He ate poison, and it was good. Then I got 28. (TM 28, my love!)

...I need my experience more than I need a Mew. Let's leveling.

Battle: Wild [Abra] appeared

>:| how will I catch this.

Battle: Foe [Abra] Teleported!

Answer: I won't. Thanks for failing, Sleep Powder >:|

Battle: Wild BELL[garbage] appeared

wtf name!

Battle: Wild [garbage]SPROUT appeared

that doesn't even make sense

And then one appeared that had the whole name -- at least until the RAM recaching took over...

oh god and then in my shock I accidentally attacked with Sandshrew (who I'm trying to level) fortunately the ensuing Vine Whip only took off half of her HP, not all of it :ohdear:

I'll insert this tidbit in between the endless grinding:

PokéDex: PkMn013 (actually Sandshrew) PokéDex: PkMn013 (actually Oddish)


Battle: Wild BELLSPROUT appeared!

Got a screencap of one of the fully-named bellsprouts

Fanchi evolved into Pidgeotto Fanchi's attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind

Fanchi evolved (into 皮奇特 / Pichite), and I can see all his attacks' names! =O
Although the top one is just the 'Chite' from his name...

6 learned Slash

Sandshrew learns the most overpowered move at this stage in the game, Slash! :D

My party: 4 Lv21, 1 Lv21, Fanchi Lv20, Leideën Lv20, 6 Lv20, Bandao Lv21

Having bested the junior trainers, it's time to face Misty. Wish me luck.

Battle: 4 versus Staryu

First up: Staryu.

Battle: 4's Confusion critically hit for over half its HP! Battle: Foe Staryu fainted!

...Butterfree won that quite handily!

Battle: 4 versus Starmie

Okay, one left.

Battle: Gonna use this tech~

Poisonpowder \o/

Switched to Wartortle (my sole Water-resisting team member), observed Starmie perform a (totally useless, thanks glitches!) Focus Energy and some Tackles as poison chipped away at its HP.

Battle: Restorin' 20 HP to 1...

Gotta heal. Enough Tail Whips, time for some Tackling action of my own!

Battle: 1 used Tackle! It KOed Starmie!

That... was the easiest time I've ever had against Misty.

Battle: 4 grew to level 22!

Butterfree is now my highest-level Pokémon.

So now I have TM 11 -- teaches Bubblebeam, the Cascade Badge, a bunch of money, and free rein to leave this town. Hell yeah!

My stats: $17915 moneys (holy crap!), 8:31 time spent, two badges!

The team thus far:
• Yi (Wartortle), Lv21
• Leideën (Nidorina), Lv20
• Fanchi (Pidgeotto), Lv20
• Sz (Butterfree), Lv22
• Bandao (Geodude), Lv21
• Lyou (Sandshrew), Lv20

I converted the nameless into numbers, and the numbers into Mandarin pronunciation (Yale romanization). So that's why everyone has nicknames suddenly!