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Talec Arashi ([personal profile] talec) wrote2010-11-26 09:17 pm
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Nuzlocke Chinese Yellow Pt.2

ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

Hey, I'm back!

Pokémon! Chinese Version!

Party: Pichiong's name is obscured by the HP bar...

Dat formatting.

Viridian City: That grumpy guy is vertical!

Weedle Man got up, and... no weedles?!

Battle: Weedle Man encountered a Rattata! Battle: Weedle Man goes to the Item Menu.
Battle: Weedle Man threw a PokéBall. Incidentally, Rattata's name changes to the hanzi for 'PokéBall'. His mission to teach PokéBall-throwing complete, he leaves.

And then he leaves, never to return. A quick and dirty fix for MissingNo's coast.

Viridian City: The Gym's door is locked and a guy standing around tells us something.

The local gym leader is AWOL, so we must go afield.

Battle: Won! And Pichiong levels up to 7.

I KOed the first encounter (Pidgey) in Route 2, so I can't get anything here. I think I'll just throw balls at anything from now on without attacking. :V

Battle: Pichiong versus Nidoran M. It's gonna be an easy win.

Nidoran(F) has a name, but Nidoran(M) does not! That battle text just says "Foe used Leer" (I think it was Leer; hanzi are 秋波, "bright eyes of a beautiful woman" according to NJStar...).

Battle: Won, Pichiong leveled up to 8 and learned.. an attack.

Pichiong learns something. Not sure what.

Battle: Ended in capture!

After wasting many Pokéballs (and then verifying that my new move was Thunder Wave), I finally catch a Nidoran(F)! :D I kinda hoped for a Nameless Nidoran(M), for the novelty, but...

Battle: Wow that's a lot of garbage text...

um okay

PokéDex: Now displaying the entry for Nidoran F

oh right, yeah, pokédex entry

PokéDex: Um... I'm pretty sure the text isn't supposed to leave the confines of the border...

I um

Well, my screen is now a blue box on a darker blue screen. I think it crashed.


And thus my first Nuzlocke run was ended by buffer overflow.

THE END! I guess I didn't need to worry about leaving this project unfinished...
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[personal profile] davv 2010-11-28 10:51 pm (UTC)(link)
It's... Chinese-Mon?
davv: The bluegreen quadruped. (Default)

[personal profile] davv 2010-11-28 11:19 pm (UTC)(link)
I once saw a web page showing a hacked version of FF2j (I think it was) made to have the plot of at least the beginning of FF7... and all in Chinese, of course.