The Time: This past week.

The Place: The local historical society that my mom works at.

The Haps: KITTEN.

A week ago, my parents were hanging out at the historical society preparing for its big show of the year, when...

A kitten walked in.

A tiny little black/brown kitten who was most definitely starving. And not in the "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse" way, but the "going to die soon" way.

So they got kitten chow and gave him a little (and also a water bowl).
They've been going there every day since, to put out more food, refill the water, pet him, that sorta thing.

He bounced back quickly! On the 14th, my dad and I needed to do some construction there and he was very playful!

Today (that is, the 15th), he had a vet appointment (with our favorite vet, too!). Got dewormed, flea stuff, and shots! The vet said he was four and a half months old, which was surprising because he's so little. But then, as she said, he was severely malnourished. He's brown-colored, which (as both the vet and my friend Hazel said) is due to the worms taking his food away from him.

So currently! He's sequestered in the guest bedroom. Our cats, Raven and Rhino, aren't allowed in. But get this: Rhino doesn't care at all (but it's possibly in the sense of "I DON'T CARE, LA LA LA" -- typically she can't abide a closed door), and Raven's curious, but neither are bothered at all. This is great <D

I don't have photos yet. I'll do that.. um, sometime <D

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