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Content?! I don't understand!!

ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

Twibs in #Pokegoons started a Nuzlocke run in Gen3, and I've been wanting to start one of my own for a while. I asked the channel which game I should play (excluding Gen4/5 because they're not wholly emulator-compatable). Twibs said Yellow, and wanting something interesting, I dug up a traditional Chinese copy.

I apologize in advance for what will probably be terrible chinese transcription! The post will also contain a smattering of hanzi.

Nuzlocke Rules For This Run
• If a Pokémon faints, you must release it as soon as possible.
• If all your Pokémon faint, you must start over.
• You must nickname every Pokémon you catch. (impossible!)
• You may only attempt to capture the first Pokémon you encounter in each area, route, cave, city, etc. If you don't catch it, tough shit.

Right off the bat, I notice you can't pick nonstandard names for yourself/rival, so I'm Linzai (or Linzi?) -- 霖仔 -- and my rival is Abing (阿兵).

Name: Linzai; Money: $3175; Time: 0:07; Badges: None

I get the Potion (一服) from my PC, head downstairs, talk to mom, scroll through text I can't read, and head outside and into the tall grass!

Oak runs up to me and catches a Pikachu, then drags me back to the lab. Gary -- I mean, Abing -- snatches what would have been my Eevee and Oak gives me that random Pikachu. If I attempt to nickname it, the game flails around for a second before kicking me away from the menu and naming it "PkMn".

The chinese name for Pikachu appears to be 皮瓊. (I may have it wrong; it's hard for me to be sure of hanzi details in 8bit.) I'll call it Pichiong. (I like Yale romanization better)

Fight time.

Battle: Eevee versus Pikachu!

After a while, I start to notice something.

Battle: Both Pokémon's HP are low now.

Is that...

Battle: Hey wait, Pichiong's name hanzi are different!

Yes. Yes it is.
Some fields loaded into memory are overwriting Pichiong's name as they hit the textbox.

Battle: We won!

I defeat Abing with my magical name-changing Pikachu.

Stats: HP 21, Attack 12, Defense 9, Speed 16, Special 11 Attacks: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip. Only the bottom half of the hanzi for the attack names is visible...

Pichiong's stats. Check out that attack-name formatting. :V

I don't get the Town Map from Abing's sister. I'll be juggling enough items that I won't remember the names of, no need to add one I don't use to the mix.

Then I head off to Viridian City.

Viridian City: A grumpy guy lying down in the road blocks our path.

Encountering a Pidgey with no PokéBalls means I won't be catching anything on Route 1, but I can go kick the grumpy old man.

Outside: Linzai found a Potion.

And get this Potion.

PokéMart: Linzai received Oak's Parcel.

Oh yeah, I get Oak's Parcel and head back to deliver that, too.

Oak's Lab: Linzai received a PokéDex

Abing and I get Pokédexes. I will be completely ignoring mine. 8D

Buy Menu: So many items in chinese...

I go grab some Pokéballs as soon as I figure out which item is Pokéballs. (精靈球 -- Spirit Balls, apparently.) I also get Antidotes (解毒劑) because poison is serious business in the early generations.

PokéMart: Seriously these item/price lines are not aligned at all

Line alignment is pretty terrible in shop menus. And I think I can do ram hacking by scrolling up when the cursor is already at the top. I'm too nervous to experiment. (What I mean is insanity like this. In-depth explanation)

Item Menu: I've got stuff! But it's so hard to tell which item the 'x3' goes to...

My inventory. 3 Potions, 4 Antidotes, 10 PokéBalls. I'm stopping here for now (gotta work on my NaNoWriMo project, so close to completion!!).

Will there be a Part 2?! I felt a sudden desire to do this in LP-style, so I wrote this post... We'll see if I can remember :o Maybe this will be my next project once I complete this NaNo! (*crosses fingers*)

(Part 2)

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