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Chinese Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke Part 6!

It returns, after a very long time!

Time to catch some Pokémon.

Battle: Wild Spearow appeared

Route 11's 史皮.

Battle: Successful capture!

Shrpi get!

Battle versus Ekans: Go EEPINBELL

I get a glimpse of my bell's new name...

PC Box: Deposit

I drop off Bandao for now... The next gym will (eventually) be Grass, and I already have two other ground-types... and nothing anti-grass... c'mere Shrpi.

Battle: Sz versus wild Diglett Battle: Successful capture!

Got a 迪哥雷! :D That's Digelei.

Battle versus an extremely foppish Gambler! Battle versus an Engineer who seems to be powering up!

Oh, old RBY character art, you will never get old.

Battle: Lyou versus Magneton that only has 1/6 HP left thanks to a single Slash!

Ah... the good old days when you could take out a Magneton with Slash...

Viridian Outskirts: Wooo, items! Viridian Outskirts: Not talking to that dude.

On the other side of Diglett's Cave, I get two items (HP Up, given to WEEPINBELL, and another Moon Stone) and don't get an HM (screw off, Flash).

Game: 7664 got key[item] 39!

A poor man plagued by dream hackers gives me this (actually TM 42, Dream Eater).

Cerulean City: Gonna cut this bush


Items: 5 Pokéballs, 2 Great Balls, 3 Antidotes, 2 somethings

Running kinda low on Antidotes here

Found TM 30... woulda been nice to find that before I visited the PokéMart...

Battle: Machop critted a hit on Shrpei! Shrpei's fainted D:


Battle: Sz uses Psybeam on Machop.


PC Box: Who to take out...

I drop Shrpi into Box 2 and return to Box 1 for someone to replace him... (probably Fanchi)

Battle: Successful capture!

Route 9 gave me a second sandshrew.

Route 10...

Battle: Wild Spearow appeared Battle: Successful capture!


Battle: Geodude used SELFDESTRUCT


Battle: Foe Geodude fainted for nothing, Leideën still has 60% HP.

Phew @_@

Rock Tunnel: At least I can still see the walls.

Mmmm, darkness. Screw you, Flash.

Battle: Cubone has 1/10 HP left.

Go, Fanchi! B)

Battle: Wild Geodude appeared Battle: Successful capture!

The Rock Tunnel gave me another Geodude; named it Shrsan (13).

Battle: I don't remember this guy's english name... but, dat haircut.

Emo Kid wants to fight!

Rock Tunnel: sup talking in the dark

I like the treatment of dark caves in Gen 1.

WEEPINBELL grew to level 26.

WEEPINBELL improbably becomes my highest-level Pokémon (?!)

Exiting Rock Tunnel! Entering Lavender Town!


My stats: $61,072; 13:18 playtime; three badges.

• Yi (Wartortle), Lv25
• Leideën (Nidoqueen), Lv26
• Fanchi (Pidgeotto), Lv25
• Sz (Butterfree), Lv25
• Lyou (Sandslash), Lv25
• WEEPINBELL (Weepinbell), Lv28

• Bandao (Geodude)
• Digelei (Diglett)
• Miaosi (Meowth)
• Shrër (Spearow #2)
• Shrsan (Geodude #2)
• Shryi (Sandshrew #2)

Shrpi (Spearow), Lv17
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TALEC!! TAAAALEC!!!! Your game posts make me v. v. v. happy!

I miss you! Do you have like IM or email or something, as we're on a computer n which IRC fails. T________T We wants a Talec! *Sniffle*

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