And this is where my momentum died ;_; (This is the last of my backlog :V)

Lavender to Celadon )

When'd Inksome go down? :o
It returns, after a very long time!

Routes )

My stats: $61,072; 13:18 playtime; three badges.

• Yi (Wartortle), Lv25
• Leideën (Nidoqueen), Lv26
• Fanchi (Pidgeotto), Lv25
• Sz (Butterfree), Lv25
• Lyou (Sandslash), Lv25
• WEEPINBELL (Weepinbell), Lv28

• Bandao (Geodude)
• Digelei (Diglett)
• Miaosi (Meowth)
• Shrër (Spearow #2)
• Shrsan (Geodude #2)
• Shryi (Sandshrew #2)

Shrpi (Spearow), Lv17
Late because I forgot how busy Vermillion is. =B

Vermillion City )

My stats: $37,611; 10:48 playtime; three badges!

• Yi (Wartortle), Lv23
• Leideën (Nidoqueen), Lv24
• Sz (Butterfree), Lv23
• Bandao (Geodude), Lv23
• Lyou (Sandslash), Lv23
• (Weepinbell), Lv21

• Fanchi (Pidgeotto)
• Miaosi (Meowth)
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

A little later than usual 'cause there was so much grinding I had to do...

It's a Sandshrew! Yay!! (Battle text: 4 used )

Sandshrew! <3 <3 <3

Cerulean City )

My stats: $17915 moneys (holy crap!), 8:31 time spent, two badges!

The team thus far:
• Yi (Wartortle), Lv21
• Leideën (Nidorina), Lv20
• Fanchi (Pidgeotto), Lv20
• Sz (Butterfree), Lv22
• Bandao (Geodude), Lv21
• Lyou (Sandshrew), Lv20

I converted the nameless into numbers, and the numbers into Mandarin pronunciation (Yale romanization). So that's why everyone has nicknames suddenly!
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

I have a serious lack of Pokémon icons.

Mt. Moon )
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

Well, Twibs at #pokegoons doesn't think Route 2 counts as two separate areas (regardless of the giant forest), so I guess Leita can't be used... :I

Update 2: Brock's Gym )

My stats: $1781 moneys, 2:41 time spent. One badge!

• 1 (Squirtle), Lv15
• Leideën (NidoranF), Lv10
• Fanchi (Pidgey), Lv10
• 4 (Butterfree), Lv12
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

HEY WHAT I'm trying this again! This time with a Blue rom! This one lets me catch Pokémon! 8D

Once again I apologize in advance for probably terrible chinese transcription.

Nuzlocke Rules For This Run
• If a Pokémon faints, you must release it as soon as possible.
• If all your Pokémon faint, that's game over.
• You must nickname every Pokémon you catch. (Um...)
• You may only attempt to capture the first Pokémon you encounter in each area, route, cave, city, etc. If you don't catch it, tough shit.

Update 1: Pallet to Pewter )

Team time:

My stats: money $1075, playtime 1:36, no badges

• 1 (Squirtle), Lv10
• Leideën (NidoranF), Lv9
• Fanchi (Pidgey), Lv9
• 4 (Metapod), Lv9
• Leita (Rattata), Lv3
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

Hey, I'm back!

Pokémon! Chinese Version!

Pichiong, go! )
ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

Twibs in #Pokegoons started a Nuzlocke run in Gen3, and I've been wanting to start one of my own for a while. I asked the channel which game I should play (excluding Gen4/5 because they're not wholly emulator-compatable). Twibs said Yellow, and wanting something interesting, I dug up a traditional Chinese copy.

I apologize in advance for what will probably be terrible chinese transcription! The post will also contain a smattering of hanzi.

Update 1 )

Will there be a Part 2?! I felt a sudden desire to do this in LP-style, so I wrote this post... We'll see if I can remember :o Maybe this will be my next project once I complete this NaNo! (*crosses fingers*)

(Part 2)