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Talec Arashi ([personal profile] talec) wrote2010-12-11 11:09 pm
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Chinese Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke Part 5!

Late because I forgot how busy Vermillion is. =B

Battle: Successful capture!

Caught a BELLSPROUT! Wish it was a meowth though :(

Found some items in the Underground Path (金部還原 and 特技 -- possibly Full Restore and X-Special!)

Battle: Defeated Junior Trainer!

Leideën and Bandao each gained a level off of this kid :D

Bill's PC: Still minimalistic.

Now let's see if I can figure out how to check on my bellsprout...

BELLSPROUT's stats: Level 13, HP 36, attack 27, defense 16, speed 16, special 23 BELLSPROUT's attacks: Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap (now with fully-visible names)

Ah, here we go.

Game: 7664 obtained key[item] 39 Bike Voucher.

Listened to the Fanclub President's somewhat disturbing ramblings and got a bike voucher, excellent

I very gingerly rearrange my items. This menu feels like it'll die in flames at any moment.

I also venture back into Route 6. Let's see if I can get a--

Battle: Wild Meowth appeared


Battle: Successful capture!

Caught a 米奧斯! That seems to be Miaosi.

Cerulean City: 7664 used the Bike Voucher

I hop back to Cerulean real quick to get a BIKE!

I'm feeling pretty great about my chances with Surge, I mean I have TWO Pokémon (soon to be three!) that are immune to electric attacks AND they have rockin' Defense stats. I'll just go fight him right--

Vermillion City: There's a shrub in the way...

Oh. Right.

Well, let me put a level or two on Bellsprout first.

Battle: Sz versus Bellsprout

This oddly intelligent bellsprout poisoned my butterfree and then wrapped it D:<


Battle of english names!

My party: Bellsprout Lv15, Bandao Lv22, Leideën Lv21, Lyou Lv20, Sz Lv22, Yi Lv21

Decided to swap Fanchi for Yi; while they both have Electric weakness, Yi has enough of a Special stat to perhaps survive a hit!

Battle: Bellsprout versus Squirtle, who just got KOed by Vine Whippin'

BELLSPROUT totally owned this squirtle 8)

Using TM 28...

Alright, I'm on the SS Anne and teaching Lyou Dig. Please don't die, Lyou!

SS Anne: Talkin' to a Wigglytuff

Well hello there Weigelifudao.

Got TM 08, Body Slam! Another abnormally superpowered RBY move. :3

I get a Great Ball from the kitchen trash (?!) and verify that the item I found outside Cerulean was also a Great Ball. Excellent.

Leideën's stats: HP 72, attack 38, defense 41, speed 39, special 32

Leideën is 22 now! LET'S EVOLVE HER. (nidorina learns nothing of worth from now on anyway)

Using a Moon Stone... Game: What? is evolving!
Game: evolved into (ffs) Leideën's stats: HP 81, attack 47, defense 49, speed 47, special 41

Still no name :'(

Battle: Leideën (now level 23) learned Body Slam.

But she has Body Slam now! \o/

Game: 2337-dào: Hey! 7664.

y helo thar

and defeated in record time!

Game: Lyou evolved into (Sandslash)

woah, didn't expect that
Yay sandlash!

And HM 01 gotten! (With so little fanfare that I nearly missed it)

Using HM 01...

I bid the SS Anne a fond farewell and head back to the PokéCenter to heal. I also teach Lyou Cut (overwriting Scratch) and drop the HM and the SS Ticket into the PC.

Vermillion City: Now past the shrub. Dude: THE LIGHTNING AMERICAN
Battle: Bellsprout won! With 10/51 HP left...

That was close.

Battle: Bellsprout learned Stun Spore

But hey, Stun Spore!

Game: Bellsprout evolved into [glitchy mess, probably says WEEPINBELL]

Oh hey you evolve at this level too

Game: Rocker wants to fight! so 80's

Oh Rocker sprite, you will never get old =')

Battle: Leideën used Body Slam! OHKO!


Leideën leveled up to 24. Attack 51, defense 54, speed 52, special 45.

Dem stats

Game: Talkin' to Lt. Surge

Allrighty ='3

Battle versus Lt. Surge Battle: Bandao versus Voltorb

Half my team is Ground-types. This WILL be cake.

Battle: Leideën versus Raichu! Battle: lol Leideën took out nearly half its HP with one Body Slam

And lo, it was! (lol paralyzed raichu with Body Slam)

We won!

Thunder Badge and TM 24 get! Thunderbolt <3

And that's it for Vermillion!

My stats: $37,611; 10:48 playtime; three badges!

• Yi (Wartortle), Lv23
• Leideën (Nidoqueen), Lv24
• Sz (Butterfree), Lv23
• Bandao (Geodude), Lv23
• Lyou (Sandslash), Lv23
• (Weepinbell), Lv21

• Fanchi (Pidgeotto)
• Miaosi (Meowth)