talec: Thoma's looking confident. Normally his hair is dark brown/black, but here the artist didn't tone it, so it looks white. (FC: Thoma with untoned hair)

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Name:Talec Arashi
Birthdate:Aug 5, 1986
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
Website:Cruithne @ a dimensional area
DeviantArt: Talec (my drawings and photos!)
JournalFen: Talec (for communities)
I have an LJ, but I hardly even use it for communities.

IRC: You can find me on: #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month's official chatroom, I'm an op there! :D) #jj2 (Jazz2!) #infrapink (My fserv channel) #otakon (Tiny Otakon channel)
plus many hidden channels ^^

I'm not entirely sure what I'll use this one for, but it's so shiny, I will surely find a purpose! :3

PluC T.Mu@ G.F O.Sb/Wc/Ga* W/+++! P+++ Pf++ F-&>F- Sep Cn/+/- Com++ Fct+++ Ps On-
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