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Chinese Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke Part 2

ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

Well, Twibs at #pokegoons doesn't think Route 2 counts as two separate areas (regardless of the giant forest), so I guess Leita can't be used... :I

I go to the PC to box her.

PC: My options are '8001', '76648003', '8004' or 'Close'

Oh, well, that's different.

Bill's PC: My options are '(blank) PkMn', '(blank) PkMn', '(blank) PkMn' and (blank)!


I deposit Leita thanks to my memorization of the PC's menu order.

Time for leveling up.

Battle: 4 versus Pikachu

Awww... :(

Game: What? 4 is evolving!


Game: 4 evolved into

Aww, butterfree doesn't have a name either...

4's stats: Level 10, HP 34, attack 16, defense 16, speed 20, special 24 4's attacks: Tackle, String Shot. Hey, String Shot's full hanzi name is visible!

Time to fight the lightyears kid in Brock's gym!

Unnamed kid wants to fight! Battle: 4 versus Diglett
Battle: 4 won! Only 6 HP left though.

Awww, yeah.

1 versus 'PkMn013' (Sandshrew)

Oh boy, it's PkMn010 versus PkMn013!


And that's it. Now I'm going to go level the remaining 120-odd EXP to get Butterfree to Lv11... and we'll see if I have the patience to grind to 12 -- where he'll get a move that will work well against Brock.

A bumper-crop of metapod and kakuna turn out to make leveling easier.

Battle: 4 KOed the enemy, but is poisoned.

Poison :ohdear:
(I just use one of my copius Antidotes. PREPAREDNESS.)

4 levelled up to 12!

Aww yeah

Game: 4 learned Confusion.

Confusion GET.

1 is Level 15. Here's his attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Water Gun

Many metapod died to bring us this Water Gun.

Talkin to Brock. Battle: Brock wants to fight!

Aww, yeah.

Battle: 4 versus Geodude

Butterfly versus flying rock? NO PROBLEM.

Battle: 4 totally owned that geodude AND with no damage taken


Battle: 1 versus Onix

okay, I know I've never used Squirtle before but I remember this being a really tough fight

but I have Water Gun now, so I think I'm okay

Battle: ...One-hit KO for Onix

...Oh. Well.

And that's it!

That was anticlimactic.

We won! Game: 7664 obtained key[item] 39!

I got moneys and a TM (I don't know what the crap the '39' thing is about though)

My stats: $1781 moneys, 2:41 time spent. One badge!

• 1 (Squirtle), Lv15
• Leideën (NidoranF), Lv10
• Fanchi (Pidgey), Lv10
• 4 (Butterfree), Lv12

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