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Chinese Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke!! Part 1

ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

HEY WHAT I'm trying this again! This time with a Blue rom! This one lets me catch Pokémon! 8D

Once again I apologize in advance for probably terrible chinese transcription.

Nuzlocke Rules For This Run
• If a Pokémon faints, you must release it as soon as possible.
• If all your Pokémon faint, that's game over.
• You must nickname every Pokémon you catch. (Um...)
• You may only attempt to capture the first Pokémon you encounter in each area, route, cave, city, etc. If you don't catch it, tough shit.

Pokémon Chinese Blue Version!

Here we go!

Oak introduces us to the world.

Hi Oak!

Time to choose a name. Three starting with 'Ah' and one more...

My choice of names... wait, I see "name" in that top one. Can I give myself my own name?!

This... this is five lines of just '1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9'...


My name is totally 1337, Oak, don't you remember

A+ not removing the "change script" field

Oak: Ah! You're 1337!

no this is too silly.

Oak: Ah! You're 7664!

yaoi_prophet insisted on this, so 7664 it is.

Oak: That's right! His name is 2337!

My rival is 2337 now.

So I go in the grass and get dragged back to the lab.

PokéDex: Entry for PkMn010 (actually Squirtle), looking pretty minimalist


(Transcribe, less one hanzi I can't find:
Unexpectedly, it seems to be the Red/Blue entry translated into Chinese.)

Game: 7664 obtained key[item] 39 PkMn010.

um okay

Game: Give PkMn010 a nickname? Yes/No


It's the same 1-9 chart as for my name...

This is so lame D:

Game: 2337 received .

2337 takes a monster with no name.

Battle: Squirtle versus Bulbasaur Battle: Squirtle has Scratch and Tail Whip. They're missing half of the hanzi in their names.
Battle: Foe used Growl (iirc) Battle: We won! Squirtle took 6 HP of damage from that fight.

We fight and I win.

~ stuff ~

Oak's Lab: We get our PokéDexes. PokéDice? :D

Pokédex get!

PokéDex: PkMn010 (Squirtle)'s number is 007. A+

hahaha I didn't even notice that the "PKMN[XXX]" naming scheme isn't even synched with the pokédex

Menu: Pokémon; Pokémon; Items; 7664; Save; Options; Close

I like how the 'Pokédex' and 'Your Team' slots are named the same :V

Battle: Squirtle versus Pidgey

hey wait a minute does that Pidgey have a name? :O

Time to buy stuff.

Purchase Menu: That's a lot of memory subbing going on there! I especially like the random hanzi replaced by a question mark.

Oh that's promising-looking.

My inventory: 3 Potions, 10 PokéBalls, 6 Antidotes.

Battle: Squirtle versus Nidoran F

I head west into Route 22 and encounter a Nidoran (F)! She's got a name too! :O

Battle: Caught her!

After some nail-biting Tackles, she is mine!

PokéDex: Nidoran F's entry! It's not glitching out!

Some RAM replacement aside, I have survived the Pokédex entry!! THIS IS EXCITING.

Game: Give Nidoran F a nickname? Yes/No

No I'll keep the hanzi name.

My party: 1 the Squirtle and Nidoran F
Nidoran F's stats: Level 3, HP 17, Attack 8, Defense 8, Speed 8, Special 7 Nidoran F's attacks: Growl, Tackle

Here's her stats. Her name is 雷德恩; NJStar tells me that their individual readings are Léi / dé / ēn. Leideën it is.

Battle: Weedle Man encountered a Weedle! Battle: Weedle Man got a PokéBall out of his stash of 50.
Battle: Weedle Man successfully caught a Weedle!

I pay the Old Man a visit. Dang he's got a lot of PokéBalls.

Battle: Successful capture!

Caught a Pidgey on Route 2! :D

Pidgey's stats: Level 4, HP 17, Attack 9, Defense 9, Speed 10, Special 8 Pidgey's attacks: Gust. I can see the whole hanzi of that attack name!

Pokédex and stats. Name is 反奇; Fanchi.

I went into Viridian Forest and caught a Caterpie!

Caterpie's stats: Level 5, HP 20, Attack 9, Defense 8, Speed 10, Special 8 Caterpie's attacks: Tackle, String Shot

...It doesn't have a name. So I named it 4.

Game: Oh? 4 is evolving!


Game: 4 evolved into Metapod

Yay! (Is that a name I see?)

Metapod's name is 米塔, apparently!

My team is currently:
• 1 (Squirtle) Lv9
• Leideën (NidoranF) Lv6
• Fanchi (Pidgey) Lv6
• 4 (Metapod) Lv7

I don't feel good about taking my chances with 2337 further down Route 22, so I'll check out Viridian Forest a bit more.

Viridian Forest: A trainer draws near! Battle: Versus Bug Catcher!

Oh! My first trainer battle! :O

Battle: Leideën versus Weedle

These chances, on the other hand, I am feeling fine about.

Leideën takes out the weedle with only 2 damage taken. The following caterpie takes off a skosh over half, but she's got it in the bag. She also gained two levels during this fight, and learned Scratch. :D

All right.

Battle: Versus 2337! He has two Pokémon, I have four.

All my dudes are 8, Squirtle is 9. This will be easy.

Battle: Foe Pidgey fainted! Fanchi has less than half HP left...

Why did I say easy? :I
I forgot to move Metapod from the first position. Tackled once, realized he wasn't going to stand up to the pidgey's Gusts, switched to Squirtle. He couldn't stand against the Sand-Attacks, but Fanchi could!

Battle: Leideën versus Bulbasaur. Both are level 8.

Okay. We can do this.

Battle: Bulbasaur's always leech seeding whoever is out...

Leech seed >:(

Battle: 4 gets Seeded, but he can take that!

I switch to Metapod, String Shot twice and switch back to the de-seeded Leideën!

We do this a couple more times, and...

Battle: Foe fainted!

Victory! And I didn't even lose anyone! :D

I go back to exploring Viridian Forest (and leveling my doods).

Battle: Successful capture!

Caught a Rattata on Route 2 (Pewter side, I think it counts as separate from Viridian City's side since there's a whole friggin forest in between...)!

Rattata's stats: Level 3, HP 14, attack 8, defense 7, speed 9, special 6 Rattata's attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip

Name is 雷塔: Leita. LATAH.

Team time:

My stats: money $1075, playtime 1:36, no badges

• 1 (Squirtle), Lv10
• Leideën (NidoranF), Lv9
• Fanchi (Pidgey), Lv9
• 4 (Metapod), Lv9
• Leita (Rattata), Lv3

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