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Chinese Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke Part 3

ETA: Now screenreader friendly!

I have a serious lack of Pokémon icons.

I grab some more PokéBalls and a couple Awakenings just in case, and head off down Route 3!

I may not be able to understand what this kid is telling me, but I'm sure it's about shorts.

It's Shorts Kid! \o/

Battle won! Then he tells me something about 20. I don't know...

Shorts Kid defeated.

I beat up kids and take their money on Route 3, and cautiously step into the grass.

I want a Spearow, not a Pidgey, Spearow, not Pidgey, Spearow, not...

Wild Jigglypuff?!

4% chance of encountering this mofo and it's my first encounter! I'll

...how the hell do I catch it ;_; It keeps jumping out of my pokéballs

And thus, I OHKO'd it in an attempt to weaken it ;_;

Successful capture!

I'll just be over here consoling myself with this Geodude.

Geodude's stats: Level 8, HP 25, attack 19, defense 21, speed 10, special 10 This geodude only has Tackle.

Its name is 絆倒: Bàndào. According to NJStar, it means "stumble". Makes sense!

Immediately afterward, I encounter a Paras (another 4%-encounter-rate). Rare Pokémon love me tonight, it seems...

Well, anyway, I love me some Geodude. I have a Golem in my Heart Gold game and he's fantastic.

Battle: Bandao versus level 5 Spearow

I mean, look at that. Over 75% of that Spearow's HP taken by one Tackle. Geodudes are pretty great.

Battle: Bandao versus a jigglypuff. ...Tackles left it with the merest sliver of HP...


Battle: Bandao versus Magnemite, or should I say...

Oh hey, found 'PkMn008'

Wild Clefairy comes by to tease me...

Get out of here, wild Clefairy, stop teasing me :'(

Battle: Leideën versus Oddish, or rather...

Here's 'PkMn013'.

Battle: Leideën versus Bellsprout, or um, something untranscribable...

Er, lookin' kinda glitchy there Bellsprout... (Fortunately nothing else untoward happened.)

Game: What? 1 is evolving! 1 evolved into PkMn012!

Yay, my very own PkMn012.

PokéDex: So Squirtle (#7) is PkMn010, and Wartortle (#8) is PkMn012...

These designations are so unsynched they're not even in evolutionary-chain order...

Game: 4 learned .

Hooray! Butterfree learned a... move with no name!

(it's Poisonpowder)

Battle with a stranger! (as opposed to all those other strangers I've been fighting)

Who could this strangely-dressed fellow with unique encounter music be

A 火箭!
(Hwojyan / Rocket)

Time to beat up some Rockets.

I don't remember what this Rocket talks about Victory! Eat that, Mr. Level 16 Raticate

I was really nervous about fighting this guy, and almost skipped him. But it ended up not being too bad! (I'm still going to go back and heal though)

Game: Leideën evolved into

Leideën evolved! Nidorina doesn't have a name! D:

I have a fossil. What kind? A "杜姆" kind, apparently... The hanzi readings don't make any sense. "Birch leaf governess"?

Oh, wait. The pronunciation is 'Dumu.' Is it a Dome Fossil? I hope so, that's what I wanted.

I've made it out of Mt. Moon! I grab... something in the grass nearby. (A "彩球". Some kind of Ball? It doesn't show up in my walkthrough...) Also TM04 (Whirlwind -- which will likely get sold to keep inventory clutter down).

Only thing left to do is jump into the tall grass.

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