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([personal profile] zarla Jun. 25th, 2017 12:21 am)
I'm back home, and so far everything seems to be okay. I saw a bee the first night and the second which I found super confusing, since HOW ARE THERE STILL BEES AFTER THE FUMIGATION??? HOW but I haven't seen any today, so maybe that was the last of them? Still, I do not want anymore bees. Tired of bees. All the bags of food seemed properly sealed and everything, so everything SHOULD be safe to eat. Still, some part of me is still worried about it...

I should put together a more substantial post about stuff, but I already feel like I'm behind on things since I spent so much time playing Zelda while at Alix's place, I should get started on that. I might post something later. I also made some macaroni from the bagged food, and so far I feel okay, so hopefully I won't die. Of all the stupid ways to go if I do.

All my dreams lately have been horrorshows of varying degrees, which isn't unusual or a surprise to me anymore. Last night in particular, I dreamed that Nana was alive again for a brief period of time through some kind of unexplained medical miracle. Then after I think maybe a week, or ten days, the medical miracle had taken its course, or had faded, or something like that, and it was over and she was going to die again at any moment. When I heard that I just started sobbing non-stop, I just couldn't handle losing her again after getting her back. Everyone else just tried to talk around me or ignore me while I was weeping uncontrollably, even Nana who usually did try to comfort me when I cried. I just sort of collapsed onto the table we were all sitting at, still weeping. Then all of a sudden I was somewhere else entirely new, and everyone was doing other things, and when I asked them what happened, they said I'd apparently blacked out for some twenty minutes. I didn't faint or anything, I was awake, although they said I was disoriented and hard to understand while I was talking, but I had no memory of what happened during the twenty minutes. Like I'd blacked out without actually losing consciousness. It was a really disconcerting feeling. I woke up feeling really heavy and tired.
Just sort of a brief update, but since Monday I've been at my brother's place since the house is getting fumigated (not because of the bees, because of an older different problem) and I'll be able to go back sometime Thursday afternoon. Everything living had to be taken out of the house, so I've got Nana's plant and Splotchy with me and such, but also any kind of food or medicine has to be double-bagged with an airtight seal, otherwise the poison will get absorbed by the food and will kill you if you eat it later. Everything looked bagged up properly when I left but I'm getting increasingly anxious about the possibility of a bag not being completely sealed, and something getting poisoned. I really really don't want to die because something wasn't bagged properly, and whenever I think about it I get extremely anxious. There's not much I can do about it right now, I tell myself, so there's no point in freaking out about it, but I'm worried. I'd almost rather just toss everything I didn't take with me not to take that chance... I mean, when it comes down to it, what's more valuable, food or your life? I'm hoping I'm worrying over nothing and everything will be fine though...

Anyway, I'd blame that for not getting anything done over here, but Alex brought over his Switch and I've been playing Breath of the Wild, which has been very distracting thankfully. I'm trying to get as much time in it as I can before I head back home and he takes it back. There's just so much to see though! I know I haven't even scratched the surface of all the stuff in the game yet. But it definitely does help keep your mind off of frightening things. Well, things I'm currently frightened of, anyway.
Ultramega OK! recordings, for 6-2...

RichaadEB & Ace Waters - Undertale - S├Čos (Ft. Ryan Lafford)
Stemage & Chunkstyle - Metroid II: Return of Samus - MQ2
FamilyJules7x - Top 10 Game Over Themes
Flexstyle, OverClocked University - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - SZRC Anthem (Busiest Days of My Life)
String Player Gamer ft. Stringees - Chrono Trigger - Guardia Millenial Fair
Careless Juja - Assasin's Creed: Syndicate - This Joke's on You

Forgot my notes, sort of had to improvise. For 6-9...

The Overclocked Plaid Muffins - Megaman X - Tuck 'n Roll
GENTLE LOVE - Secret of Mana - A Dark Star
TCT a.k.a anubasu-anubasu - Undertale - Dogdonk
EZFG - Chrono Trigger - Frog (remix)
Schtiffles - Pokemon Silver - Lucky Coin
String Player Gamer - Undertale - Determination

The Frog remix is really great when paired with the fun video.

There are still some bees lingering around, but not nearly as many as there were. I can handle a few buzzing around every now and then, hopefully the stragglers will leave eventually. At night the lightbulbs draw them out of the ceiling which is kind of annoying, I used a candle for one night but then that drew one over to me and that was too close for me, so now I'm trying to ignore them. They make it very hard to focus though, I get nervous about every small movement in my peripheral vision or muscle twinge.

Undertale's coming to the Playstation! Which is interesting to me in a few ways, like I wonder if anything'll be changed in terms of... unique gameplay, let's say, and there's a mention of trophies (i REALLY hope the trophies aren't route related, since that'd defeat the whole point to me), but I'm more interested in the Collector's Edition, which will have a cool musical locket which LOOKS SO NEAT.
The other major thing about it is that Undertale's going to have an official Japanese translation now! Which I'm sure people will pick apart the minute it gets released which I'm excited about, but the real hilarious thing so far is that the Japanese fandom is having a cow over the pronoun Sans uses. Everything about this is delightful to me.

Anyway, I dunno how much typing I feel like doing today, but I'll see if I can at least do a bit of a writeup for two handplates comics. Something kind of quick, at least. If they're scrunched, you can look at them on dreamwidth or right click-view image on them. Spoiler warning!

Well, hopefully. )